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Kharidar Syllabus | New updated 2080 PDF

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Recently, Kharidar syllabus is published by the PSC (Public service commission. In the new syllabus, PSC remove some minor things. Science subject was included in old syllabus but in new syllabus science subject has been excluded.

What is kharidar?

Kharidar is the non-gazetted second-class permanent employee of the government of Nepal. It is a permanent employee of the nepal government who has passed the exam taken by loksewa aayog.

It is a non-technical post of the nepal government who works as an office administrative worker and administration store management also. The Public Service Commission (loksewa aayog) takes the exam for the permanent job of the Nepal government.

Why does everyone want to join the government job?

Every job has its own prestige. But in the context of Nepal, government jobs are the most prestigious job because there are no more job vacancies in Nepal due to several reasons. So, everybody wants to join a government job.

There is sufficient salary and bonus as well as in government sector jobs rather than private sector jobs. Everyone thinks that government sector jobs are more secure and long-lasting than private sector jobs in Nepal.

Why is every youth leaving the nation?

Every day we hear the news thousands of youth generations are going to abroad to study and seek job opportunities for the betterment of their future, but less quantity of youth want to settle in Nepal, and they want to join government jobs to secure their life.  In Nepal, there is more competition to join government jobs due to less number of required vacancies.

Techniques for preparing for the Kharidar exam

Only reading a book in parrot style is not sufficient for the exam; you should be 360-degree for the preparation of the exam. Choose the best writer’s book for your help in the study and read the topic, making it easier to connect with them in your daily life.

Relate them to your personal life; it makes it easier to memorise the topics. For your help, you can join the best institute, where they teach you the idea of reading. At least you should study eight hours a day, making a short gap in every hour. Studying in the morning is the best.

You can sleep earlier at night, but wake up at least at four AM and study continuously for at least four hours. Morning study is the best way to memorise the topic because, in the morning, our minds will also be fresh, which helps you to memorise the topics. Make a study routine and practice harder and harder; make notes.

Eligibility to join in Kharidar

First, you should be a Nepali citizen. Your qualification should be at least SLC-level pass or the equivalent of it. For the government job, you should be at least 18 years old and not more than 35 years old. You can take the exam several times if you fail. And there is no any age limit for permanent government employees. 

Salary of kharidar in Nepal

Kharidar is the second class employee of Nepal goverment. The basic salary is Rs. 26,610 and there is 10 grade and each grade has Rs. 887. The overall salary of kharidar is Rs. 35,480.

Syllabus of Kharidar

The syllabus of kharidar has been changed than previous syllabus. There is first, second and third paper. There will be gap in first paper and in second and third paper there is no gap of exam time. We provided full detail in below.

Kharidar first Paper syllabus

PaperSubjectTotal MarksPass MarksExam systemQuestion x MarksTime
1stGK & Office skill10040Objective & MCQ50 question x 2 marks45 min

Kharidar syllabus – second and third paper

PaperSubjectTotal MarksPass MarksExam systemQuestion x MarksTime
2ndOffice Management10040Subjective – Short & Long Question12 question x 5 = 60 marks
4 question x 10 marks = 40 marks
2 hour 30 minutes
3rdJob knowledge and related subject10040Subjective – Short & Long Question8 question x 5 marks = 40 marks
6 question x 10 marks = 60 marks
2 hour 30 minutes

Last Stage of Kharidar

SubjectTotal MarksExam TypeTime
Computer skill test10 MarksPractical15 minutes
Interview40 MarksOralx

You can read full syllabus in Nepali Language.

Kharidar syllabus

You can see full detail syllabus and model question pdf given below


What is Kharidar in Nepal?

Kharidar is the non-gazetted second-class permanent employee of the government of Nepal.

Who is eligible for Kharidar?

Secondary level passed nepali citizen and age between 18 to 35 is eligible for kharidar

Kharidar and Nayab Subba difference

Nayab subba is higher post than kharidar. In every field like salary, post, exam

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