Petrol price in Nepal – Today’s updated price 2024

Today's petrol price in Nepal is decreased according to the Nepal Oil Corporation. We all know that price will rise and fall due to the various reason. Recent petrol price in nepal is 175 npr in Nepal. Petrol price in Nepal Petrol price in Nepal is mid range than the previous price. Recently NOC (Nepal Oil Corporation) update the price…

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How to fill the OMR sheet in the Loksewa Aayog and Shikshak Sewa Aayog (TSC & PSC) ?

In this article we are going yo instruct how to fill the OMR sheet in the Loksewa Aayog and Shikshak Sewa Aayog (TSC and PSC). Meaning of OMR sheet The OMR sheet refers to optical mark recognition. Basically, it is widely used in the TSC and PSC (loksewa and sikshak sewa) exams in Nepal. OMR is used when a large…

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IRS Tax Debt Relief Program 2024 – Full Guide

In the complex world of taxes, resolving a debt you owe to the IRS can be daunting and overwhelming. However, understanding the options available to you through the IRS' tax debt relief program can provide you with much-needed relief and peace of mind. As we enter 2024, let's explore the intricacies of the program, its benefits, and recent updates to…

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Nayab Subba (Nasu) – Salary, Syllabus, Result and Vacancy 2080 [Full Detailed]

Nayab subba (Nasu) means a non-gazetted first class officer. The exam handle…

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Job opportunity : Canada Virtual Immigration Fair 2024 – Apply now

Recently Canada has offer Canada Virtual Immigration Fair 2024 for certain countries ( South Asia and middle eastern nation). If your country is in list you can easily apply for the virtual…

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