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Petrol price in Nepal – Today’s updated price 2024

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Today’s petrol price in Nepal is decreased according to the Nepal Oil Corporation. We all know that price will rise and fall due to the various reason. Recent petrol price in nepal is 175 npr in Nepal.

Petrol price in Nepal

Petrol price in Nepal is mid range than the previous price. Recently NOC (Nepal Oil Corporation) update the price of petrol on 31 January 2024. Everybody knows the Nepal petroleum price will change almost week or month. You can see the today petrol price in Nepal below.

Nepali Date

English Date



Place 1


Place 2


Place 3


About Nepal Oil Corporation

Nepal Oil Corporation is fully governed by the government of Nepal. NOC imports, transports, stores, and distributes petroleum products in Nepal. The head office of the NOC is located in Babarmahal, Kathmandu, and it has five different branch offices in every development area. There are more than 600 employees in the NOC. NOC has 68,384 kiloliters of working storage capacity.

Nepal is a landlocked country, so there are no petroleum plants here. So Nepal should fully depend on the other countries. There is the nearest sea port in Calcutta, India. The distance to the Calcutta port is 900 km from Nepal. India trades petroleum products for Nepal.

Nepal is fully dependent on India for petroleum products because Nepal has no port for sea transportation. Every day, Nepal imports 1893 tank trucks. Consumption of petroleum products is increasing by 10% every year. There is a challenge for the NOC to provide petroleum products in Nepal.

Factors influencing the rise and fall in petroleum product prices in Nepal

Petrol price in Nepal

There are several factors that influence the price of petroleum products in Nepal. The main reason is the global crude oil price. For different reasons, the price of crude oil will rise and fall.

Another reason is the impact of the Nepalese currency on the international market. And there are impacts of political instability, transportation and supply costs, demand for petroleum products, commissions, international market prices, and there can be several other reasons.

Petrol, Kerosene and Diesel price in Chart

Petrol price in Nepal

Retail selling price of Petrol,Diesel,Kerosene,LPG,ATF (DP) and ATF (DF)

Effective DateEffective TimePetrolDieselKeroseneLPGATF (DP)ATF (DF)
2023.12.15(2080.08.29)24:00 hrs167.00157.00157.001895.00136.001035.00
2023.11.30(2080.08.14)24:00 hrs170.00160.00160.001895.00136.001035.00
2023.11.01(2080.07.14)24:00 hrs172.00164.00164.001895.00136.001035.00
2023.10.15(2080.06.28)24:00 hrs172.00168.00168.001895.00136.001035.00
2023.10.01(2080.06.14)24:00 hrs183.00173.00173.001895.00136.001035.00
2023.09.30(2080.06.13)24:00 hrs185.00179.00179.002110.00144.001095.00
2023.09.15(2080.05.29)24:00 hrs183.00173.00173.001895.00136.001035.00
2023.09.01(2080.05.15)24:00 hrs182.00170.00170.001895.00136.001035.00
2023.08.16(2080.04.31)24:00 hrs178.00167.00167.001660.00136.001035.00
2023.08.01(2080.04.16)24:00 hrs173.00153.00153.001660.00136.001035.00

What are diesel and gasoline?

Petroleum products are the refined product of crude oil, which comes from deep in the earth. In America, it is also called gasoline. At first, the raw crude oil was refined in the petroleum plants to make petroleum products.

After refining the crude oil, the petroleum products are ready. At this time, the demand for petroleum products is high, and there is limited storage in the deepest parts of the earth of crude oil.

In every transportation vehicle and to generate electricity, there is a high demand for petroleum products. Especially in the Gulf countries, where there are no natural water resources to produce electricity, they use petroleum products to generate electricity because they have a mine for crude oil and the price of petroleum products is cheap.

Use of diesel and petrol

In this materialistic world, there is a high demand for petroleum products all over the world. There is increasing demand for petroleum products day by day. There is a limit to the storage of the petroleum mine in the deepest part of the earth.

In every day’s work, there is the use of petroleum products. Especially in vehicles for transportation, the use of gasoline is in high demand, and there are lots of uses for petroleum products for various purposes.

There is the use of petroleum products to generate electricity by the generator. Petroleum products and different machines make it easier for humans to do work in their daily lives.

Effectiveness of EV in diesel and petrol

EV are the alternative to petroleum products for future generations. One day, the storage of petroleum products will be empty, so scientists are finding alternatives to petroleum vehicles.

Hydrogen gas vehicles can also be an alternative to petroleum vehicles. At this time, there is a high demand for electric vehicles in the world. Every vehicle company is launching an EV. KIA, BYD, Toyota, TESLA, and MG are the main companies to make the EV.

There are so many upgraded versions of the EV in every model. Tesla and BYD are the leading companies in EVs at this time. In the future, EV and hydrogen gas vehicles may be displayed alongside petroleum vehicles.

The Future of Petroleum Products in Nepal

Everyone knows that there is certain storage of crude oil in the earth. One day crude oil will be finished, and humans should find alternatives to petroleum products. So scientists are finding different alternatives to petroleum products.

EVs and hydrogen gas vehicles can be the best alternatives to petroleum products. So, everyone is interested in these vehicles. Some of the countries are planning to completely replace petroleum vehicles in the near future. EV are taking advantage of the high market for alternatives to petroleum vehicles.

List of depot stations of Nepal oil corporation (NOC)

  1. Amlekhgunj Depot
  2. Thankot Depot
  3. Jhapa Depot
  4. Janakpur Depot
  5. Hetauda Depot
  6. Pokhara Depot
  7. Nepalgunj Depot
  8. Biratnagar Depot
  9. Birgunj Depot
  10. Butwal Depot
  11. Dhangadhi Depot
  12. Bardibas Depot
  13. Kohalpur Depot
  14. Bhairahawa Depot
  15. Birtamode Depot
  16. Ghorahi Depot
  17. Rajbiraj Depot
  18. Gulariya Depot
  19. Lahan Depot
  20. Surkhet Depot

Career in Nepal oil corporation (NOC)

Every year NOC open vacancy. The exam is handle by Loksewa aayog. Its give opportunity for various factor. We mention below Syllabus, Vacancy and notice you can see the full process of it.

Nepal oil corporation (NOC) Syllabus.pdf

Nepal oil corporation (NOC) Vacancy.pdf


Today’s Petrol price in Nepal

Today’s Petrol price in Nepal is 167 npr in Nepal according to the NOC.

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