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Nepal Driving license written (likhit) test question and answer PDF

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Are you searching for Nepal Driving license written (likhit) test question and answer? You are in right place. In this article we are providing the driving license written exam’s question and answer. Read all question and answer carefully, you will easily can pass written exam (likhit exam).

About driving license

In the world, everybody needs a driving license to drive any type of vehicle. Without a driving license there is no authority to drive a vehicle. If anyone drives without a license and has an accident, there will be a big problem for him or her. But in every country, there are their own criteria for giving the license to the people. In Nepal, there are also some criteria for passing the driving license.

The process of driving a license in Nepal

Without any process, no one can get a driving license easily. Here are some steps to get a driving license in Nepal.

  1. Registration
  2. Biometrics
  3. Written exam
  4. Trial exam


In Nepal, only online registration is available, but six years ago, offline registration was also available. For online registration, you should visit the official website of the transport management office. You should fill required documents, and after all that is done, you can apply for the driving license of any vehicle.

You should have the government document to fill the form. After all is done, you should go to the transport management office on your chosen date while you fill the form for biometrics and other processes.


This is the second phase. With the online-generated printed copy, you must be present in the transport management office for the biometrics. If you have not had a license in any category previously, you should click the photo for online registration on the site of the transport management office.

After all that, you should go for a medical test; there is a test of your eye. After medical passes, you should pay tax in the bank near the transport management office, and you can find a dedicated voucher for the tax payment for your license. This is the first day of your license process.

Written exam

This is the second process of obtaining the license. In the written exam, you should be present in the centre mentioned by the transport management office. In a written exam, questions are basically asked based on the traffic signal, parts, and accessories of the vehicle. And there will be some technical questions. We provide Driving license written exam question and answer below.

Trial exam

This is the practical phase of getting a license. This is the most difficult phase. In this article, we will define the entire process of trial. First, you can see the eight. After you complete that, you can find the zebra cross. You should be careful at the traffic light before crossing the zebra cross; there will be a sign of a blue light to cross the zebra cross. After that, you can find a narrow road about 10 meters long. After a narrow road, there will be a U-turn.

Before turning, you should turn on the sidelight, and after completing the U-turn, you should turn off the sidelight. After that, you can find the upward and downward, and after completing that, the last task is the up-down road. And after all tasks are completed, you are eligible for a driving licence.

Nepal Driving license written (likhit) test question and answer

In this article, we are mainly focusing on the written exam. Because most of the examiners feel hard for this exam. So, we are talking about the written exam. Here are some of the model questions for the written exam.

Here is the syllabus of Driving license written exam.

Nepal Driving license written (likhit) test question and answer

@picture from dotm nepal

Driving license written exam question and answerCategory A and K motorcycle, scooter and mopad

You can read all question by flip, download buttom also available.

[dflip id=”1478″][/dflip]

Driving license written exam question and answerCategory B Car,Jeep and delivery van

[dflip id=”1483″ ][/dflip]

Solve all the aforementioned driving license written exam question and answer.


What is the pass marks for driving license written test in Nepal?

The pass marks for driving license written test in Nepal is 70 out of 100.

What if I fail my written driving license test in Nepal?

You should wait 90 days.

How can I check my written license result?

By Facebook page. You can search related transport management office facebook page.

How much age is required for bike license in Nepal?

Above 16 is the eligible age for bike license in Nepal.

What to do after you pass trial?

You should pay tax after the minimum seven days of trial passed.

For more update of driving license check here.

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